• About Sophie Bonebridge User
  • Hearing Loss Type: Conductive Hearing Loss Post-Lingual HearingLoss Progressive Hearing Loss
  • Hobbies: Walking, socialising, anything arts and crafty and I’ve recently qualified as a nail technician

My Hearing Journey

I have had a hearing loss from about 3 years old after getting glue ear. I had lots of grommet operations and was told I would grow out of it. When the grommets didn’t help improve my hearing, I had 4 T-tube operations which are similar to grommets. Over time, my hearing loss gradually worsened due to having glue ear and infections for so long.
While wearing hearing aids, I developed many ear infections that affected my social life. I also needed to continually have time off work, affecting my career development. My hearing loss affected my family too. When I took my hearing aids out at home, everyone had to shout to get my attention. I needed subtitles on the television to follow programmes.

My surgeon and audiologist suggested the BONEBRIDGE system as an option to me. They provided lots of information about this type of implant and I was given the choice between BONEBRIDGE and a bone-anchored hearing aid. The decision process was instant for me. I chose the BONEBRIDGE as it’s more discrete, chances of infection are less, and the BONEBRIDGE requires less maintenance.
The day I was told I was having my first implant on my left ear I was ecstatic and bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate! My family and partner were equally happy I was getting implants.

I found the international HearPeers forum helpful, as I was the first person in England to receive bilateral BONEBRIDGE implants. I was able to exchange experiences with other BONEBRIDGE users worldwide.

My Life with Implants

I can now enjoy life as a 29 year old and enjoy going out with my friends and hearing them. My social life has changed dramatically since receiving my implants. My partner can now speak to me from the next room without me missing what is said.
I’ve been back to college and completed a BSL Level 1 course aswell as 2 nail technician qualifications. This would have been far more difficult without my implants.
I still have occasional ear infections but the frequency and severity is far less than with hearing aids.

My Role as a Mentor

I want to give something back after all the help I have received. It is important for people considering an implant to know everything they want to know. I want to encourage others to take the opportunity to have a hearing implant if they have the chance.

Top Tip

If you have the opportunity to have a hearing implant, go for it!